In order to further promotion of steel and mineral projects’ qualities in the field of engineering, consulting, implementation and procurement, Kian Control as official agency of ASM Automation is able to carry out joint projects with that company. ASM headquarter is in the Germany and control system panel fabrication workshops are in both Germany and Slovakia.

Since its establishment, ASM Automation Company offers optimal solutions in the field of industrial automation, in particular for smelting and rolling industries. ASM company is a specialist in a complex automation in a wide range of industries such as electrical arc, annealing, heating, soaking and ladle furnaces, continuous casting equipment, painting and assembly lines, single and multipurpose production and testing machines, straightening machines and cut-to-length line.

The company in the field of design, construction and operation of control systems and industrial automation by using of the products of most reputable companies in the following fields of activity.

Level 1 Automation System

  • control and industrial automation based on PLC and DCS

Level 2 Control system

  • Production supervision and Shift management
  • Advanced planning and Scheduling, Costs monitoring system
  • Storage management (Scrap, alloys, Final products etc.)
  • Improved Quality control system and Laboratory
  • EAF, LF, VOD, BF and CCM Process control and Supervision
  • Material Handling control and Calculations
  • Advanced Metallurgical and Mathematical model
  • Material and Process tracking, Ladle and Tundish tracking etc.
  • Maintenance control (Setpoint management, Lifetime control system etc.)
  • Power Demand Control system
  • Reporting system (Heat report, Shift report, Delay report etc.)
  • Analysis and Diagnostic modules


Level 3 Information system

  • Production planning and accounting
  • Control and manage the life cycle of important objects in the system from customer order to final preparation